Community at Bethlehem centers around our Sunday worship.  Worship is where we re-new our faith in God in Jesus Christ.  In our tradition, worship centers around four major actions in the word of God: Gathering, the Word, Giving Thanks and Sending.

Within these elements we praise to God, confess our need for God's saving grace, listen to and reflect upon Scripture discerning its meaning for our lives, and respond with the sharing from the gifts God has given to us.  We believe the whole of Christian life is an offering of one’s self to God. In worship the people are presented with the costly self-offering of Jesus Christ, are claimed and set free by him, and are led to respond by offering to him their lives, their particular gifts and abilities, and their material goods. Worship should always offer opportunities to respond to Christ’s call to become disciples by professing faith, by uniting with the church, and by taking up the mission of the people of God, as well as opportunities for disciples to renew the commitment of their lives to Jesus Christ and his mission in the world.  As God is concerned for the events in our daily lives, so members of the community in worship appropriately express concern for one another and for their ministry in the world.  Thru worship, we seek truth and the relevance of the gospel for our lives in these uncertain times.   


All that the church is and does is rooted in its worship. The community of faith, gathered in response to God’s call, is formed in its worship. Worship is the principal influence that shapes our faith, and is the most visible way we express the faith. 
— Book of Common Worship